adeline janney

hello & welcome! 

graphic design is my passion
the prophet

process, concept, digital assets, platform presence, print deliverables, branding

The Prophet is an original movie concept and branding strategy for production company A24. Deliverables include logo, posters and streaming service mockups.


layout design, collage, copywriting, staging, photography, branding, alternative print and production
“hero props” 

Orphalette is a newspaper based in The Prophet universe, incorporating elements and themes of outdated mediums present in the futuristic society portrayed in the film. 

recipes & philosophies

concept, type setting, layout, print production

French cuisine cookbook based on the philosophies of different cultures through time.


branding, concept, editorial layout, print, social media presence, wayfinding system, print production

The Conrad Anthology brings the internet to tactile form. Designing with an emphasis on promoting artists, and offering readers and consumers the opportunity to interact with, learn from, and generate their own content.